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Our mission at JMHA is to promote mustang ownership and to preserve their existence through leadership, humane treatment, education, and building partnerships.

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Arabella is an 8 year old Jicarilla herd mustang. A very willing,kind mare with tons of potential. She is about 14 Hand tall, total black with great conformation, strong bone, deep hip. She needs to gain weight before we can show this mare best side. But come for a visit, she is worth a look for sure. A head turner in the making!


Ramah is a 7 year old bay mare slightly under 14 H tall. She had a baby at her side when she came into holding, so she needs some weight. She is calm mare, with willing attitude and good looks, once she sheds out. Come for a visit.


The JMHA Blog

The History of the Herd - Jicarilla Apache

By Barbara Kiipper

It is told that the Jicarilla Apache did a roundup shortly after World War Two, the horses were descendants of the Spanish Conquistadors horses. Some of these horses escaped and moved to the Carson Forest section. This became the parent herd which started the Jicarilla herd of today. Indeed, our herds DNA has been infused by the blood of these horses from the last 200 years. This explains our Spanish blood heritage that we see today in our DNA samples. Enjoy this blog on their rich history.



Our mission at JMHA is to promote mustang ownership to preserve their existence through leadership, humane treatment, education, and building partnerships. The mustang is a living piece of American history that needs our support, now, more than ever. JMHA's efforts to help the mustangs are modest at present, but we have grand aspirations for the future, with a desire for continued growth so that we can continue helping one mustang at a time. With your generous contributions we are able to pay our trainers, provide feed and board to our mustangs and pay for veterinary expenses and necessary admin expenses. Every contribution helps, so we encourage you to become a JMHA sponsor today. On behalf of all of us at JMHA, thank you for caring about our wild horses!