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DeLaws Lindsay

Delaws Lindsay grew up in Utah and has been working with horses for the past 50 years. He gentled his first mustang at age 12 and started his first colt at age 14. Delaws jockeyed on the track for 12 years and his mentors are Bryan Neubert, Buck Brannaman and Ray hunt. He loves the mustangs because their minds are so pure, untouched by human influence. Working with mustangs, he loves how rewarding they are, and also how challenging. He and his wife Cheryl own D&C Horsemanship in Bloomfield, New Mexico.

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Rebeckah larsen

Beckah is a lifelong horse woman and certified Level-3 Parelli Instructor who has a natural ability to communicate and work with wild horses. She has been with JMHA since the beginning and has been a consistent mentor and consultant to JMHA as well as one of our trainers. Beckah is a blogger and writer for JMHA and has amassed years of content on training. She is also an amazing artist who loves to draw and paint horses. Beckah’s specialty as a trainer is groundwork and the gentling process.

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Daniel watson

Daniel was born with a passion for horses and has worked ranches from Texas to Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. He started his first horse at age 16 - an extremely wild 2-year-old filly. He loves and respects the mustangs, and says, “We have to let them think and make mistakes so that they can learn. I believe in firmness but consistency, and it is important to reward with every try.” Daniel is married with two children, and his entire family loves to ride together. He owns Wild to Mild Equine Training in Glenwood, New Mexico.