If I have worked honestly, my horse will carry me to the end of the world.   - E.F. Seidler



Carson was adopted as a 6-month-old stallion from the Jicarilla herb by Barbara Kiipper. He is the mustang that inspired the creation of JMHA, and because of him, 55 horses have been adopted and trained using humane horsemanship practices. He is now 10-years-old and going strong.



7-year-old Tico was was adopted by Jaime Becktel of Mancos, Colorado in 2017 after spending the majority of his life in a holding facility at Cañon City Prison in Colorado. From the El Rito herd out of New Mexico, Tico is a little fella, but he’s huge on personality, attitude and heart. He loves full face hugs and is quite the talker. Initially gentled and trained by DeLaws Lindsay of D&C Horsemanship in Bloomfield, New Mexico, Tico continues his training with Jaime and is a pure delight.



Cinch was a 6-month-old Jicarilla gelding who was taken directly from the range to be trained by Delaws Lindsay of D&C Horsemanship. He grew up alongside his adoptive owner’s daughter, Annie (pictured), who took him through the Parelli Ground Work process, 4-H jumping, and Gymkana events.



Rambo came to JMHA as a 2-year-old in 2016 and was adopted by Laura Harper that December. He was gentled by Delaws Lindsay of D&C Horsemanship and came to Laura well-adjusted, a pro at yielding, was great for the ferrier and showed respect at feeding time. His lively yet gentle personality made him a big hit with all who met him.



My life became entwined with Mustangs in 2014 when JMHA had 3 weanlings in training. Those wild foals were hard to resist and soon learned that rubbing and scratching felt good. One was a stunning black filly called “Silk” because of her fluid way of moving. As a weanling she was talkative, and over time it became apparent that she was nickering to me and our conversations continue to this day. She came into my life when I needed a new equine partner and her wild ancestry honed her intelligence and courage over centuries. I have come to know Mustangs as full of common sense, character, and a lot of “try” once they understand what you are asking. My connection with this Mustang filly reminded me of my lifelong friend, Irma, a horsewoman whom I greatly admired, so to honor my friend I changed my filly’s name from Silk to Irma.



Orion was a 6-month-old orphan when he was caught off the Jicarilla. His new owner, Charlene had wanted a foal, and upon meeting him it was love at first sight for the two. Orion was gentled by JMHA before being delivered to his forever home with Charlene in Montana. He is now a wonderfully solid horse with a good, loyal mind, calm, intelligent, smart, willing, curious and opinionated. He has proven to be a dream come true for Charlene.