My daughter was 7-years-old when we adopted Cinch, a weanling mustang. He craved human attention and loved being around my daughter. He was so friendly that she was able to help train him.

-Phoebe Bechtolt

Orion and Spirit

I wanted a good solid horse with genetic soundness, a great mind, and awesome trainability. I knew it had to be a mustang. Their hooves are strong, and they are capable trail horses. They are trail savvy, hardy, and of strong body and character. they are easy-going and willing, and I fell in love with the Jicarilla herd. They are calm, intelligent and my now yearling Orion is everything I wanted in my forever horse. He is like a dream come true. What he has learned for one so young in such a short time is phenomenal. He is very smart, very willing, and very curious. If you are thinking about adopting a wild mustang, don’t overlook the Jicarilla horses! We were so impressed with Orion that we adopted another, Spirit, a 4-yr-old stallion.

-Charley Ross


Once I adopted Carson, I found that the mustang’s ability to bond was like no domestic horse I had ever met. Now my herd of four mustangs make me smile daily!

-barbara kiipper


Rambo was just two when he arrived late December 2016 to join my AQHA horses . Being so well-adjusted, thanks to the gentle introduction techniques of DeLaw’s Lindsay through JMHA, I had the perfect herd in no time. Upon arrival, Rambo was already a pro at yielding and moving his hind quarters. Because Delaws took it slow in his gentling process, I could progress fast in working his front end, training him to hold still for the farrier and assuring he showed respect at feeding time. JMHA really advocated that Rambo’s training be on-going. His conformation, sturdy hooves, perfect gait, good habits and lively yet gentle personality made him a hit with everybody especially me. Rambo is so perfect in his intelligence, personality, conformation and gait. Words fail to capture how much he means to me. He is my forever horse.

-Laura Harper


I’ve always loved horses, but didn’t know what I’d been missing until I adopted 5-year-old Tico, a little bay gelding out of the El Rito herd. He is the most charismatic, intelligent, and spirited horse I have ever owned. Small but mighty, this little guy loves affection and loves to play. He teaches me everyday, and I am astounded by his willingness to learn. We are the best of friends, and I’m looking forward to my second summer of riding him throughout the hills of Southwest Colorado. this little horse is rock solid and his barefoot feet are in great shape. I couldn’t possibly love Tico more. he is such a little character. when the time comes for me to have another horse, I will absolutely be adopting another mustang."

-jaime becktel


I love my mustang Irma’s common sense. She makes me think about what I'm asking her to do and wait for her. I can tell she enjoys doing stuff with me.  She and is incredible and unique animal. Mustangs are phenomenal, and I would've had one much earlier in life had I known this about them.

-Middy McFarland


Having worked with the mustangs at Sand Wash Basin Horse Management Area and participated in several Extreme Mustang Makeovers, I have been touched by the majesty and mystique of the American mustang many times over. When a 5-year-old mustang from JMHA needed a new home, I jumped at the chance to have a trained mustang of my own. Cinch is a smooth-gaited, confident trail horse, a personable character at home, a vigilant herd member, and a partner for life. He is one wild horse that will not be confined to a life spent in an off-range corral with tens of thousands of others.

-Patty Latham